Interview with Lenka B.


Hello Lenka, can you tell us please a little bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Lenka Bursíková. I am a crazy girl originally from Vysočina, but I live in Brno for many years. I love nature, animals, pleasant people around mes sport, music and I welcome every new challenge in my life.

What brings you to the modeling?

It was a dream and passion of a little girls which became real. And trust me- its a big blessing to live my dream. From all my heart I wish this to all of you.

What do you like the most on shooting?

Absolutely everything! I like the shooting because I definitely enjoy it. Also I like meeting of new people and exchange of experience and opinions and mainly the constantly rising of my level higher and higher.

What is your dream shooting?

This is a small secret :-D the dream shooting is every shooting with lovely and pleasant people and I think that this atmosphere can create the best photos. What do you think?

What was your the best shooting?

Fortunately all of my shooting was amazing, and I think that its a big gift and I am very happy for it

What was yours the worst shooting?

I will answer a little bit different. If I recognize something strange in previous communication with a client I refuse the shooting. This is how I avoid complications.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like sport, dancing, traveling, drawing, reading.. I am writing my own book. Sometimes I go to the concert or to visit my friends.

What is your advice for girls who would like o start with modeling?

Girls, be yourself, give some passion to your job, have a strong will and determination. This is a guaranteed recipe how to do it. I wish to all beginner models good luck and many success in your career.

Thank you Lenka for your time :-)

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