Interview with Iveta Hod.


Hello Iveta, can you tell us please a little bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Iveta. I am doing professional modeling about 15 years

What brings you to the modeling?

It was probably congenital tendencies towards exhibitionism :-D

What do you like the most on shooting?

The possibility of transmigration into many different kinds of woman.

What is your dream shooting?

I like challenges, so maybe something related to some extreme performance (underwater, at mountains, or maybe a parachute jump ... but I've already did it all, so now maybe just the universe shooting)

What was your the best shooting and the worst shooting?

I do not know which one was the best or the worst, each was different and each was original as well as the original nature of the photographer and his approach to creation ... and that is what I enjoy most about it

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am active in sports, I run long trails (from 10 km to marathon 42,2 km), but I am friends with trapeze (street workout), sometimes I climb on the rocks and sometimes I jump out of the plane ..

What is your advice for girls who would like o start with modeling?

Less pozing and more playing. The shooting is a game and all the players have to enjoy

Thank you Iveta for your time :-)

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