Interview with Lena


Hi Lena, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Lena, I am 30 years old.

What did bring you to modeling?

I have started with modeling because of my mother. She entrol me in model´s competition Miss of Summer 2008. I was successful during the casting and I got into the finalists. During the competition I was recognized by several photographers. And this was my first experience with modeling.

What do you like the most in modeling?

I like to work with different photographers, I like a diversity of their requirements and locations. I like also the results of shooting, because every photographer takes his photos his own way.

How do you imagine your dream shooting?

I like challenges, so it should be interesting location, animals, different costumes.. I would like to shoot in luxury dress at the castle, or bodypainting. I would like to work with professional makeup and hair stylist.

What is your advice to beginner models? 

Enjoy the shooting! During this while you are the most beautiful girl and the all attention is yoirs