Workshop How to Become a Wedding Photographer

Tento workshop je v češtině, němčině a angličtině. This workshop is in Czech, German and English language.

       The quickest way how to become earn many by your photos is to become a wedding photographer. 

During the workshop you will have a great option to learn from professional photographer (Marleen Doulce or Sophie) who is working as a wedding photographer more than 10 years. Your lector will teach you everything about bridal and wedding photographers and also give you a useful typs how to become or improve your bussines. 


9-12: shooting in Bourdoir studio with model wearing a wedding dress, using different studio lights and also natural daylight. We will use also different wedding Accessories and shoot details. 

12-14: break with lunch, consultation with lector. You will go throught the photos witch you have already taken together.

14-17: shooting on location with bride and groom. The lector will show you how to work with natural and additional light and will explain to you how to shoot a couple. 

What can this course give to you? 

-start or improve your photography bussines 

-great photos for your own presentation

-the tips how to earn money by shooting wedding

-rising up of your photography level, gaining of new skills

-useful tips about wedding photography marketing

Price: 400 €